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Updating and analysing information about the current characteristics of marble and connected industries, regarding the provided training, the existing trends, the anticipated skills and the training needs, using desk and field research by all partners, will result in the MarbleTECH e-guideline, that will be the compass of the following actions and subsequent decisions in the project.
Based on it, a European Qualification Framework (EQF) of the New Manager for Efficient and Innovative Marble Industries will be produced to serve as a reference tool to compare the qualification levels of the different qualifications systems and will be constructed around existing EQF at national levels, inputs, addressing knowledge, skills and competences.
A MOOC for improving the knowledge and skills of managers (and potential ones) of marble industry will be implemented. It will be freely accessible and open licensed. Its contents will be constructed basing on the e-guideline (R1), with a particular focus on quality in management, innovation, sustainability and work safety.
A Virtual Challenge Community (VCC) made of relevant stakeholders from the marble sector will be created, and will serve as a platform for the Innovative Marble Business Idea Competition.
A Book of lectures "Marble Company Management simulation and product development" will be produced to serve as the training material for the C1 learning activity. Once tested (during C1) and finalised, it can be used by external organisations willing to organise courses for marble managers and entrepreneurs.
A Decalogue will be produced, describing the benefits deriving from the collaboration between companies, research and training centres in developing innovative marble products.
An Intensive training course (C1) will be held, during which the 3 teams selected by the VCC will be trained and be allowed to improve and finalise their idea. The training will take form of a simulation where the team is exposed to various situations, representing the management of fictitious companies, in which it is necessary to take the right decisions. The training will be used against the book of lectures (R5), which will be tested to be used by external stakeholders wishing to train marble professionals.