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Virtual Campus is a development, training and consulting SME in the areas of Technology Enhanced Learning, Serious Games and Information Systems. Its vision is to actively promote the development of the Knowledge Society by supporting public and private entities in the process of designing and developing strategies and projects that lead to increased societal benefits. Located in Porto, North of Portugal, Virtual Campus has strong relations with various Universities and Companies in the region and has successfully partnered with Local and Regional Authorities, enterprise associations and specialized companies. In fact, Virtual Campus is a spin-off from the research and work developed at the R&D group GILT, from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto. Virtual Campus staff forms a multidisciplinary team with academic backgrounds in different areas.


CRE.THI.DEV is a not-for-profit company, established in 2012, by Mr Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou, Managing Director, for more than 20 years, of ELKEDE TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN CENTER SA, a Research and Technology Institute of the public sector and member or president of many national and European committees and associations. ELKEDE, as an RTO, had a dynamic presence in the field of leather footwear, textile and clothing technology, quality control.

Bogazici University (BU)

Bogazici University (BU) was formally established in 1971. It has four faculties, six graduate institutes, two schools (School of Foreign Languages and Vocational School of Applied Sciences) and 32 research centres. The faculties and schools are offering undergraduate studies for approximately 16,000 students, whereas the institutes are offering graduate programs for approximately 4.000 students. The language of instruction at the University is English. There are permanently 939 academic staff and 984 administrative staff. It is endorsed by the European Universities Association (EUA) and the Faculty of Engineering is the first ABET-accredited faculty in TR. BU is a member of several international university networks that share the same goal of enhancing academic cooperation among its members: IAU – International Association of Universities; Magna Charta Universitatum; EUA – European University Association; Unimed – Mediterranean Universities Union; The Utrecht Network; Black Sea Universities Network; SEFI – European Society for Engineering Education, European Universities Continuing Education Network (EUCEN).

Marble, Stone and Materials Technology Centre (CTM)

Marble, Stone and Materials Technology Centre (CTM) is located in Cehegín, in the Northwest of Murcia Region, a place with a long tradition in the extractive industry. CTM was created in 1996 as a National Research Business Association to offer an enclave for the regional provision of services necessary for technological development and innovative companies in the sector of marble and stone and, since 2010, in the construction sector. Nowadays, the number of companies associated to the CTM is 65, mainly quarries owners and factories and construction companies in all Spain, and there are 20 people working in the Centre (chemicals, architects, engineers, mining engineers, geologists, telecommunication engineers, etc.).


DESINOPE is a small engineering and business development company headquartered in Elche (Alicante-Spain), providing business, managerial and technical development to footwear/leather and textile companies and their suppliers, technology suppliers to manufacturing companies and waste valorization companies. The set of services is focused in seven areas: ICT development, Business Model development, Smart data analysis and exploitation, Material Innovation Lab, Electronic device design and development, Dissemination and communication strategy, Sustainability products and processes.

University of Pisa

The University of Pisa is a public institution with a long tradition, deeply rooted in its territory and fully integrated into the international scientific community. It has twenty departments, covering all main areas of teaching and research. It ranks high internationally, and has high level research centres, among others, in agriculture, astrophysics, computer science, engineering, medicine and veterinary medicine. UNIPI offers 58 undergraduate, 74 graduate and 28 doctoral programmes, 68 third cycle specialisation programmes, and about 80 shorter programmes, including an MBA. It has over 52.00 students, 2900 professors and researchers, and 1500 technical and administrative staff members. UNIPI has an international, national, regional and local role and leads important international research and educational networks.

The Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations (ITTI)

The Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations (ITTI) works toward the creation and the development of a national innovation infrastructure, the spreading of new knowledge, the stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge and technologies and the market application of innovative products. The activities of the Institute serve as a mechanism for the development and financing of research, development and application of innovations. Critical focus in the work of the Institute is the development of cooperation between the business and the scientific community.


CGS has worked for over twenty-five years in the fields of applied research, industrial consulting and civil engineering. CGS was established in 1990 by three partners coming from different working backgrounds and from post-graduate specializations in Engineering: PhD and Masters. Already during their experiences at University, a common goal among the partners was to deal with the fields of research and industry. The firm wish of CGS and its real working strategy consists in accomplishing interventions in order to reduce the traditional gap between innovation and actual application, in other words between research and industry. 

Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara SpA (IMM)

Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara SpA (IMM), strong of its ca. 25 employees, is a mostly public company (Tuscany Region and Carrara Municipality as main stakeholders) operating, since 1978, in varied activities related to the natural stone sector, and related technologies, promotional activities. The company’s main activity is to promote and facilitate the use of stone materials by means of programs, actions and initiatives aimed in particular to producers, architects and engineers.