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5th Transnational Project Meeting in Murcia (spain)


On the 6th of June, the partners of the European project Marbletech gathered for the fifth transnational meeting in Murcia, Spain.

This meeting was a crucial moment to align strategies, share ideas, and discuss the progress of the project’s results.

In particular, the launch of Result 3, the MOOC: “Manager for an Efficient and Innovative Marble Industry”. A free and open access online course that will empower current and aspiring marble industry managers with the knowledge and skills they need to excel.

Multiplier Event in Portugal


The Portuguese multiplier event of the European project MarbleTech took place on the 24th of May at the premises of CECHAP – Centro de Estudos in Vila Viçosa.

During this event, Virtual Campus provided an overview of the MarbleTech consortium, its context, objectives, and results. The primary objective of the MarbleTech project is to develop a framework aimed at training more qualified professionals for the European marble and natural stone industry.

One of the key highlights of the event was the introduction of the project’s first result: the e-Guideline. This document offers a comprehensive description of the marble industry and connected industries, across the six countries participating in the project: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

The President of CECHAP’s Board, Carlos Filipe, also spoke about CECHAP’s ongoing projects and the association’s activities related to the marble industry in the Alentejo region, specifically on the Estremoz-Borba-Vila Viçosa Cluster. This area is renowned for its rich marble deposits and plays a significant role in the local and national economy.

Welcome to the Virtual Challenge Community (VCC)


This community was set up as part of the Erasmus+ MarbleTech project (New educational approach of innovative technologies and eco-advances in the marble industry). This community will serve as platform for the future Innovative Marble Business Idea Competition.

Around 800 persons will be reached and invited to participate in the VCC, from training and research centers working in marble quarrying and processing, universities, managers and potential ones from marble and connected industries and students getting prepared in the field.

The VCC could be joined remotely, overcoming the COVID barriers: members could take part in the “Innovative marble business idea competition” via the VCC platform, where the innovative ideas will be presented, and the 3 best projects will be selected. The selected teams will be invited to take part in the C1 learning activity, during which they can deal with companies and access laboratories to improve and finalize the ideas.

The ideas will be presented during a multiplier event. The 3 most interesting ideas will be selected and during the event the voting will be opened, the best idea will be selected, and a crowdfunding campaign will be launched to support it.

The Community will be active during all the phases of the project and also after its end, to facilitate effective involvement of relevant target groups and stakeholders during the project and exploitation of results at its end.

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Let's make this community grow!


September 2022