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Welcome to Innovative Marble Business Idea Competition (IMBIC), an exciting initiative within the Erasmus+ MarbleTECH project. IMBIC invites creative minds and ambitious entrepreneurs in the marble and connected sectors to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or a company, IMBIC provides a platform to transform your innovative concepts into reality.


We are looking for projects that will benefit from this level of support, and are at the ‘idea’ stage of development, although this doesn’t necessarily disqualify businesses that have already formed. To this end, we would like to support the winning idea of the competition with a small financial endowment.

A crowd-funding campaign will be carried out to collect this financial endowment. In order to accept the funds, you just will need to agree that you will spend the money working on your business idea, and that you will continue working with the MarbleTECH partners to further develop the idea.

The IMBIC will involve relevant teams made up by students, researchers and companies. The winning team will receive funds collected during a crowd-funding campaign that MarbleTECH partners will promote for final development of the selected idea.

IMBIC Objective

IMBIC aims to promote innovation by encouraging the development of revolutionary products, services, and business models in the marble industry. The competition offers support to ideas at the conceptual stage, with the winning proposal receiving a financial boost through a dedicated crowdfunding campaign. Join us in shaping the future of the marble sector with your ingenuity and vision.

Ready to turn your marble business idea into a reality? Explore the possibilities with IMBIC!

How to participate?

Participants will share their ideas in the form below for creating innovative products, services or business models in marble and connected sectors. Any idea is valid, and the length of the idea should not exceed 2.000 characters.

Participants will then be asked via email to develop their idea further with a small business plan and PPT presentation during TBD. In TBD the partners will present the proposal ideas in a multiplier event in Istanbul, where the first votation will be carried out, other stakeholders will be invited to vote online through the newsletters and social media, selecting the 3 more voted ideas.

During TBD these 3 best ideas will be presented in another multiplier event in Pisa (participants will be invited) and then a final votation will be opened (voting duration to be determined), the winner will be announced and a crowdfunding campaign will be launched for the implementation of this best idea.

Participation Rules

  1. Eligibility/ Who Can Apply?
  • The competition is open to any marble sector stakeholder, individually or collectively: students, researchers, companies, and more.
  • Entries can be submitted individually or as a team.
  • Participants must adhere to the deadlines outlined in the following point.

  1. Idea Submission
  • All ideas must be submitted via the IMBIC dedicated section on this website, just enter your contact details and develop your idea in the text box.
  • The first idea submission deadline is TBD.
  • The small business idea and a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) of the first idea must be submitted by TBD.

  1. Judging Criteria
  • Ideas will be evaluated based on creativity, feasibility, and potential impact in the marble and connected sectors.
  • The judging panel will consist of MarbleTECH project partners and industry experts.
  • Finalists will be selected based on online voting and participation in multiplier events.


The winning team will receive funds collected during a crowdfunding campaign promoted by MarbleTECH partners. Funds must be used to further develop and implement the selected business idea.

Take part of the IMBIC

We look forward to hearing about your innovative idea for the marble industry to participate into the competition. (*required)
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